Global Nomads Project

With the idea of expressing the philosophy of Preventi in a different and emotional manner, we launched The Global Nomad Project. It is a community of storytellers who share with others their lifestyles, ways of working, traveling, and dreaming about Preventi. The stories told provide the key communication element within the Preventi community. As a result of this unique fraternity, shoe collections have been born with the names of some of its most relevant members.

Frank Gallucci

Fashion Insider, Italy 

“Those who, with their personalities, their manners, their way of wearing ordinary clothes and transform them in legendary garments, make us aspire to become better men.”

David Loftus

Photographer, UK

«To be a Global Nomad means to me… At last being able to travel the world in a beautifully crafted, comfortable pair of boots that I am proud to put my name to».

Simon Jacomet

Sport designer, Switzerland 

«I feel great while I am wearing them, and I’d like to think that we’ll grow old together.»

Mark Tungate

Writer, France

«I like this model because it’s traditional and understated, but the suede gives it a dapper twist. It looks like it belongs in railway carriages and steamships.»

Peter Heck

Photographer, Germany

«Something in the fashion industry you would like to change: Improve working conditions! Take care of the environment! Take care of quality and sustainability again! «

Mike Matas

UI Designer, USA

«When there’s that balance between functionality and emotion, the two amplify each other and the result is really powerful»

Tony Espuch

Designer and Decorator, Spain

«I like this model for its vintage touch, with such natural leather and that age well just like furniture.»

Felice Limosani

Story Teller, Italy

«The story behind this Goodyear, with its handmade finish and difficult production technique, is just fascinating.»

Álvaro González-Alorda

Business Consultant, Spain

«I never travel without swimming trunks nor my Preventi shoes. We need to Stop and Think who we are, who we want to be and what habits and tools may help us in the process.»